We supply more than 50 species of African and Temperate woods

Sawn Timber

• Lumber is our main product, available in more than 50 species of wood

• Unedged, square edges, cut to dimensions, air dried, kiln dried, steamed

• We can commit for forward deliveries or prompt supply from our stock

Round Logs

•  We offer logs from Africa (main species: Okan, Tali, Azobe, Bilinga, Kosipo) and Europe (Spruce, Beech, Oak, Ash).

•  Our quality grader is regularly inspecting logs stock at origin to insure regular supply and accurate grading and tally.

Laminated joinery components

• The main products of this range are 3 layers scantlings
• Principal species: Sapelli, Tiama, Sipo, other type of Mahogany, Iroko, Meranti, Oak, Larch• Lamella size 21mm or 24mm

• KKK or DKD

• Certified gluing process (FCBA)

• Other products laminated jointed for decking under structure, door components.


• We offer rotary veneers produced in Africa (Ivory Coast, Cameroun, Gabon, Ghana)

• The principal species are Ceiba, Okoume, Ilomba

• Types of rotary veneers: Natural full sheets, Jointed Sheets, Strips

• Thickness: 0.3mm to 4.5mm

• Cross or Long grain

• Size subject to client request and production capacity

Decking and Flooring

• Profiled durable hardwood decking strips for outdoor use (Mukulungu, Iroko, Larch, etc)

• Surfaced under construction joists (Naturally durable and stable)

• Solid hardwood flooring, Lamparquet (10/14mm) or tongue and groove (14mm), main species Iroko and Doussie from the Ivory Coast

Table Tops

• Beautiful solid hardwood table tops: main species include Mahogany, Iroko, African Walnut

• We can offer them laminated, finger jointed or full length, Thickness: 26/32/40mm, grade AA, AB, BB

• Size : max 720mm wide up to 6000mm long , max 1250 wide up to 3450mm long.


• Commercial plywood, Decorative plywood, Film face plywood

• Thickness: 3.5 to 18 mm

• Size: 4’x8’, 5’x10’

Block Boards - Lumber core plywood

• Single, doble or triple core

• Poplar / spruce / pine core

• From 3 to 7 layers

• From 13 to 70 mm thickness

• Many possible faces: poplar or fromager rotary cut veneer, MDF (or HDF), Chipboard, HPL, decorative veneers.

H20 Spruce Beams & 3-ply solid wood panels

• Spruce H20 beams for horizontal and vertical formwork, bridge and tunnel formwork, working platform

• The double T-section resists strong impacts due to protective plastic caps at the ends

• Beam height 200 mm / Chord height 40 mm
• Chord width 80 mm, Web thickness 28 mm

• Wide range of lengths: from 1.2 to 6 mt

• 3-ply spruce shuttering panels fully coated with a highly resistant melamine resin.

• Available thickness 21 and 27 mm

• Width 500 mm, Lenghts 1/1.5/2/2.5/3mt

WPC Composite Products

We offer Co-extrusion WPC – Solid/Round Hollow/Square hollow decking in several dimensions / profiles / colours.

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We have also FSC certified products, ask us for more details